Overall Comprehensive Plan Description

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive plan is a document that states a community’s desired vision for the future. It consists of a single plan or coordinated set of plans organized by subject or sometimes geographic area. While a comprehensive plan states the community’s vision for the future, it does not constitute zoning regulations or establish zoning district boundaries.

How is a Comprehensive Plan Used?

A comprehensive plan is used to coordinate and guide the future establishment of development regulations. It is used to provide a basis for future zoning decisions. It also helps to guide public investments in transportation and other infrastructure improvements to aid in guiding future development. It is a policy document that includes and implementation plan for use by City staff, and this plan will also provide a fiscal impact analysis.

Why Prepare a Comprehensive Plan?

Texas Local Government Code requires zoning regulations to be adopted in accordance with a comprehensive plan. The current plan was prepared in 2009, and there have been significant changes in Richardson since that time.

Envision Richardson Comprehensive Plan Components

Future Land Use

The Future Land Use strategy will incorporate the land use changes seen since 2009 and will be updated based on new population growth, updated demographics/psychographics, and capacity changes seen since the adoption of the last Comprehensive Plan. The Future Land Use strategy will replace traditional land use categories with ‘placetypes’ that will provide staff and Council more flexibility to make land use recommendations and decisions. The purpose of using placetypes is to place emphasis on creating great places, rather than establishing specific land uses. These placetypes will be utilized to ultimately build an updated Future Land Use Plan for Richardson.


The Mobility strategy will begin with an evaluation of existing and planned multimodal mobility projects that will include the City of Richardson and the surrounding communities. A capacity analysis will be conducted, and updated street cross sections will be established. Additionally, the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) travel demand model will be reviewed. By keeping safety at the forefront of the mobility analysis, the Mobility strategy will conclude with an updated Master Thoroughfare Plan that will identify multimodal mobility projects that will make the City of Richardson a safer and well-connected community.

Neighborhoods and Housing

The Neighborhoods and Housing component will consist of an updated housing market assessment and will provide strategies for new missing-middle residential, as well as strategies for stabilizing deteriorating housing and preserving older neighborhoods. Additionally, policies and guidance will be provided for infill housing.

Economic Development

The Economic Development component will focus on non-residential development in Richardson. The analysis will be based on the recommendations found in the previously adopted Richardson Economic Development Strategic Plan. A commercial market analysis will be prepared, and recommendations for non-residential building typologies and uses supporting Richardson’s goals will be outlined. Another focus of the Economic Development strategy will be on new development and the rehabilitation/stabilization of existing non-residential space. A Fiscal Impact Analysis will also be conducted which will result in a fiscal impact model for staff use.

Enhancement/Reinvestment Areas

Four preferred reinvestment areas will be identified through City Staff, City Council, and the community, and will be further analyzed to developed more detailed recommendations and implementation items for reinvestment. Specific visions for each reinvestment area will be developed, and will include action items for future land use, mobility, and open space.

Natural Environment

The Natural Environment component will coordinate efforts with other citywide plans, including the Solid Wastewater Master Plan, and other existing initiatives focused on water conservation, air quality, tree canopy expansion, and floodplain and waterway protection to create guiding principles and recommended action items in Richardson.

Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation component will coordinate efforts with the City’s Parks, Trails, and Open Space Plan to create guiding principles and recommended action items in Richardson.

Facilities and Infrastructure

The Facilities and Infrastructure component will review existing and planned facilities and infrastructure improvements identified through previously adopted city strategies, policies, and plans. Guiding principles and action items will be developed as part of this analysis.

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