Project Team

Consultant Team

Mark Bowers, PLA, AICP, LEED AP
Kimley-Horn, Project Manager

Daniel Acevedo, AICP, CNU-A
Kimley-Horn, Deputy Project Manager

Madison Graham, AICP
Kimley-Horn, Neighborhood and Stakeholder Engagement

Jeff Whitacre, P.E., PTP, AICP
Kimley-Horn, Mobility (Transportation)

Christian DeLuca, P.E., PTOE
Kimley-Horn, Mobility (Traffic)

Ignacio Mejia, LEED AP
Kimley-Horn, Parks and Recreation

Jessica Rossi, AICP
Kimley-Horn, Economic Development and Market Analysis

Monica Heid
Prologue Planning Services, Implementation Strategy

Ryan Short
CivicBrand, Project Branding and Public Engagement

City Team

Keith Krum, AICP
City of Richardson, Planning Projects Manager – Development Services

Sam Chavez, AICP
City of Richardson, Director Development Services

Chris Shacklett, AICP
City of Richardson, Assistant Director for Planning, Development Services

Amber Pollan, AICP
City of Richardson, Planner, Strategic Planning — Development Services

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