Strategic Direction

The Strategic Direction element is the foundation of the comprehensive plan. It summarizes what is fundamentally important to the community related to the plan’s vision and direction. It can be used by the City as a basis for decision-making in areas where the future land use plan and other plan components are unclear. The Strategic Direction includes three components:

  • Vision Statement – The Vision Statement for a comprehensive plan is a description of the future the community wants to achieve; a reflection of its values and aspirations; the destination. It’s a means of providing important direction for the planning process.
  • Guiding Principles – The Guiding Principles provide the foundation for decisions and actions that will be required to prepare a comprehensive plan and achieve its vision.
  • Preferred Land Use Scenario – The Preferred Land Use Scenario illustrates the future development pattern for Richardson through PlaceTypes that reflect the palette of development contexts and character.

The following documents outline the draft Strategic Direction based on input received during the first two Community Summit public input periods, comments received from City department heads, and feedback from the City Council and City Plan Commission during their briefings and work sessions.

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